Blue Lagoon

Krknjasi Blue Lagoon best boat trip from Split

Blue Lagoon of Drvenik and Krknjši islands is the most popular Blue Lagoon in Croatia. Blue lagoon owes its name to a seafloor made out of crushed seashells mixed with sand, which produces mesmerizing blue and turquoise color under the sunlight. Krknjaši archipelago shelters you from the city noise, crowded places, and beaches. Along the […]


panoramic sunset tour - korsaro boat tour 6

Maslinica is the only settlement located west on the island Šolta. This bay is surrounded by an archipelago of seven islands. On the largest of them, Stipanska, you can find the remains of a church from the 6th century. The name Maslinica comes from a Croatian variation of the word olive. This place is truly […]

Village Necujam

Necujam bay photo took with dron

Necujam is a tourist village and excursion center,situated in a bay also called Necujam, on the north side of the Šolta Island. Many consider Necujam the most beautiful bay of the island of Šolta because of beautiful beaches on both sides of the bay in the coves and a long seafront promenade. The astonishing nature […]